Jul 292015


Personally, I think that websites with a lot of multi-media are much more interesting than websites that have text and one or two pictures per page.  I think that this [a website with minimal multi-media] shows customers that the site was rushed, did not have much forethought when it was created, or the product & services are too boring to warrant exciting content.

Creating the right balance…

On the other-hand, websites that are flooded with Flash (animated graphics and interactive pages) or too many images or too much eye-candy can confuse customers, cause your website to be slow and the customer can’t really determine what it is that is the main theme / message on the page.

Businesses can use YouTube effectively in many scenarios:

  • Company Introductions – tell people about your company with a promotional video.

  • Product demonstrations – show your customers the latest products

  • How T0’s – demonstrate how to do something or how something complex works or can be repaired.
  • Training – train customers or sales people about your products and services

  • Introductions – staff and key members of the company can introduce themselves
  • Announcements – think of these as Video Press Releases
  • Recording of a Live Event or Webinar – allows customers to see an event, show, webinar that they may not have been able to attend or to re-watch the event.
  • Interviews – interviews of customers or interviews of key staff to talk about them, their departments, new product announcements, new service offerings, etc.
  • Show-and-tell:
    • real estate companies can do a walk-through of a property,
    • hotels can take customers a tour of their facilities and amenities,
    • tour companies can take short videos of tours that they conduct,
    • parks and recreation areas show highlights of different events and facilities and attractions at their location.
    • restaurants can showcase special menu items or events (such as their famous “All You Can Eat Sunday Seafood Spectacular”,
    • and the list goes on.

I hope that this helps to give you some food for thought on how to use YouTube on your website and to help promote your business, products and services.  If you want to sign up for a YouTube account – check out Google’s help instructions for more information.

by RapidPage