Aug 182015


This is my personal review of Cloze Relationship Manager. (I have no affiliation with Cloze)
I have been looking for an easy to use CRM for 15 years, and this is what I have been looking for in a CRM system:

  • simple setup.
  • web and mobile based.
  • Cross platform, that I can use on my Linux based laptop,  Android Phone and Apple iPad.
  • I wanted a CRM that I could use within 30 seconds of installing it.
  • CRM that would sync with my gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar.
  • It must have the ability of writing copious notes, to-do lists and follow ups for each contact.
  • It also must not overwhelm me by making me a slave to it.

CRM’s I have tried:

I have tried, salesforce, sugar, vtiger, zurmo, pipeline, ms dynamics, maximizer, goldmine, oodoo, suitecrm, orocrm, opencrx, x2crm, fatfree, espocrm, myitcrm, xtuple, nutshell, base, zoho, agile, highrisehq, onepage, insightly, tactile, torch, and even though all of these have great features the did not meet my needs.


I do NOT work directly or indirectly for Cloze I am the owner of RapidPage.

How I Discovered Cloze Relationship Manager:

I found Cloze by searching for “simple crm” in the Google Play Store on my Nexus 5 phone. Cloze did not come up first in the results,  I progressively worked through each CRM installing them, trying them, uninstalling them and then I came to Cloze.

My Review of Cloze:

Cloze took about 5 minutes to install and sync with my Google accounts.  I was able to start using Cloze within 30 seconds of installing it.  After the initial use I got kinda stuck so I sent a support ticket to Cloze and they promptly replied so that kept me motivated to move forward with Cloze.  I then removed all of my dead accounts, which took about 4 hours, and  now Cloze was a fully operational CRM.  I reviewed each client in Cloze, assign follow-up dates, wrote notes and assigned tasks (using the Evernote integration).

My Daily Use of Cloze:

I use Cloze prior, during and after each client meeting to make notes, assign tasks and schedule follow-ups.  Wow, what a breeze, it has became a part of my daily work flow and now I am not spending hours each night trying to remember what I did that day for each client.

What I Discovered after Using Cloze:

The first thing that I realized is that Cloze helped me to reconnect with clients and I closed three small orders in the first 24 hours of use!   This had never happened with any of the other CRM’s that I have tried!
Over the next several days (still within the 14 free trial) I reconnected with more than a dozen clients and closed even more deals.

Here is Why Cloze Works:

  • You focus on client relationships, not deals. (Deals come naturally when the relationship is sound).
  • It reminds you when you should reconnect with a client.
  • You can manually or automatically schedule follow-ups with a client.
  • It organizes all aspects of your client interaction… email, SMS, social media, events, appointments, notes and tasks.
  • It meshes seamlessly with Evernote so notes and to-dos are all together under each client.
  • It is social friendly, bringing LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter together for each client (this alone is worth the price of admission).
  • Here is the big one…If you follow its recommendations, as when to contact a client, you will close more orders.

My Conclusion:

This is not a technology article, this is a productivity article.  I have re-established contact with my clients, I have saved hours of time managing the sales process and I have closed orders by using Cloze as my CRM! (All within the 14 day trial period too)

By RapidPage