Aug 252015


Shopping carts bring back fond memories of times going grocery shopping with my Mom and 5 brothers and sisters.  Anytime we went shopping was a site to behold with sometimes five shopping carts like a wagon train trailing around the store filled with laughing kids and groceries for the week.

Later in our lives, the hypermarkets opened up and the scene was repeated but this time the carts were filled, not only with kids and groceries, but also clothes, hardware and whatever else was needed at the time.  Fast forward now to 2015 and shopping carts are no longer trollies on wheels for collecting a wide variety of goods, instead they are electronic shopping carts and can be filled with groceries, clothes, books and most anything you can image – except no kids this time!

If you’ve got a something to sell, then you probably need a shopping cart.  It could be a real product which can be shipped to your customer or it can be a digital product such as software, ebook or license that can be downloaded.  You can also use shopping carts for services so that your customers can buy “hours” from you or any other kind of real or virtual service.

The other reason to have an online shopping presence is because the number of online shoppers is increasing every year and if you do not want to be left in the dust you need to consider having a shopping cart.

Once you’ve decided you want to sell something then you need to collect payment from your customers.  In a future blog we’ll talk about Payment Gateways and other payment services such as PayPal and 2Checkout to name a few.

The webmasters at can help you with setting up a shopping cart system and give you advice on the best way to sell products to your Internet visitors.

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