Sep 152015


Previously we looked at 2checkout and noted that they are in the top 10 payment gateways.  Let’s take a look how to get started collecting payments using 2Checkout:

Getting Started:

First step is to sign-up for an account –

Next steps:

  1. Provide login name, email & password
  2. Review and agree to the prohibitive use policy (what you cannot use the payment gateway for)
  3. Review and agree to the terms and conditions (similar to a merchant agreement)
  4. Then you will go to a new screen which will allow you to enter your country or try the system, we do strongly recommend that you try the system first.
  5. After you have tried out the system you will then have to “activate” your account and then complete all of your account information.
  6. Provide contact and billing information (name, address, email information, phone information)
  7. You will have to setup your “Bank Account” where you want your money deposited.
  8. You will then need to setup “Site Information” this is where you will tell 2checkout how you want it to talk with your website.
  9. You will then need to setup “user management”, this is where you tell 2checkout who in your company has authorization to do what with 2 checkout.
  10. Then setup your contact information (your physical mailing address, email and phone and such)
  11. Next setup all of your “Company Information” (type of business, services or products you sell, and how you fulfill your orders)
  12. Then complete the “Owner Information”
  13. And finally “tax information”
  14. Once the above steps are completed you need to start filling out your “product information” (see you can actually use 2CO to create buy now buttons right on your website, this just makes it so easy to start selling your products or services online today.
  15. After entering your product information you will need to think about how you are going to ship your products and are there fees for shipping so you will need to navigate to the “Shipping” button and complete this information.
  16. When all of this is done you can then go to the “API” section and integrate 2Checkout with many shopping carts like “OpenCart

This above step by step is a top view of 2Checkout setup and you will need at least 1-4 hours to do a complete setup and then you need about 1-2 minutes per product to set them up, but that does not include the time to create the text, edit the photos, set pricing or options that you might have for each product or service that you wish to sell using 2CO.


2CO is a pheonminal payment gateway and is its self a shopping cart that you can integrate right into your website so that you can use it to manage not only the payments but the products/services as well!

Other Things It Can Do:

If you need any help with this, the folk at can walk you through the steps required to set-up your 2CO account.