Jul 282015

Online Marketing

You will almost never find Google advertising (or advertising from any other search engines) on the websites of leading brands.  Why is this?  Because these companies know that if you see something that catches your eye then your bound to click the link and you may or may not ever return to that company’s website.  The analogy would be a customer walking into your shop and then, through the window they see someone carrying a billboard advertising something that is of interest to you.  So you leave the store and go outside and look at the advertisement on the billboard and then perhaps toddle off to the store that is being advertised.

Some Reasons Why…

There may, however, be valid reasons for you to accept Google (or other search engine’s) ads on your site:

  • Could be a good source of revenue if your website gets a lot of traffic (i.e. high traffic means that there are a lot of people visiting your site).  Basically, the more times ads are displayed then the more revenue you get and the more times people click on ads from your site then the more revenue you earn from companies delivering the ads to your website.
  • Can liven up your site if you elect to let the ad companies display multimedia ads rather than text ads.
  • Can help you find who your competitors are or give you some clues about keywords you might want to use for your own Google Adword campaigns (see our blog here on Google Adwords)
  • Your website is a blog or information site and ads are another source of providing your readers with information.
  • Google ads can also improve your SEO ranking (information on SEO is explained here)

In the end, the bottom line is for you to decide if earning some extra cash is more important than the risk of a visitor to your site not returning to your site because they have clicked a Google Ad that appeared on your page.

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