Aug 052015

why blog

Those of us in IT (Information Technology) are forever shortening words, inventing new words, or making up abbreviations, acronyms that no one but a few who are ‘in the know’ can possibly understand.  The age of technology we’re in now has also meant that there are many new words that have had to be invented to help explain the technology or an affect that technology is having in our life.  Words like WiFi, Social Networking, Mesofact, GPS, Tweet, RFID, QR Code, etc have evolved to explain new technology and existing words like Friend, Tag, Networking and Cloud, for example have taken on new meanings because of the techno-driven world we now live in.  Even products and company brands have now become synonymous with what they do (known as a proprietary eponym) such as Google or Googling,  Xerox, Kleenex, etc.

So you want to be a blogger…

BLOG is one of those ‘new generation’ words.  It is both an abbreviation and a new word.  The actual term is “weblog” and was basically used to describe a website that was a sort of journal or chronicle of information.  The other associated word is “blogger” who is the person who is doing the writing (i.e. someone who is creating a weblog or blog).

So, do you want to be a blogger?  Do you want your website to be in the top list of most popular blogs?

If you’re personally aiming for fame or notoriety or you have a compelling story to tell and information to share then definitely you need to add a blog to your website.

If you have a business or services website then a blog can be very useful to share such things as press announcements, product & service information,  company events, etc.   As well as information dissemination, a blog can help you stay in touch with your customers and to attract new customers (who might have found your company’s blog site when they did a search on a topic that is in your blog).

Tell a story…

However, if you do decide you have a story to tell (about yourself or your products and services) remember that blogging is like reporting (which is why the top blog sites are predominantly newspapers and journals).  Content must be regular, informative, fresh, well written, personal (like an editorial), and of course relevant.  This all takes time and effort so don’t start a blog unless you’re ready to commit to making it work and putting time into it.  If you delegate this task to someone then of course be sure you read the blog to ensure it accurately reflects the overall message and vision you are trying to communicate to your audience (existing customers and new customers).

If you need a blog on your site or want to create a new site that has a blog, then talk to your web developers or service provider or companies such as Rapidpage who can help you with this.

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