Aug 112015

Lead Generation

Strategies that you use to turn website visitors into clients (known as conversion rates) can probably be approached in much the same way as you would for your actual high street business.  In other words, whatever strategies you might adopt to attract and retain a customer to your actual business or shop (often referred to as your high street or brick-and-mortar shop).

Common things to consider would include:

  • Speed – sites that are fast and responsive improve customer satisfaction and impact on conversion rates.  For every second delay in page response, there is a 7% decrease in conversion rate.
  • Know the customer – brick and mortar shops spend a lot of time trying to understand the customer demographic and then making their site visually appealing and easy to navigate based on the customer type.  That’s why all the perfumes and ladies stuff is on the first floor of many department stores – getting the right products in front of the right customers!
  • Easy navigation – how easy is it for customers to find what their after and to find what you’ve got to offer?
  • Consistency in your brand and message – be sure your branding and message is consistent between your brick-and-mortar shop/business and your virtual shop/business.
  • KISS – Keep It Simple and you’ll be Successful