Jul 312015


In a previous blog we talked about Google Adwords.  Keywords are single words or a phrases, which you want to use in Google Adwords, to match to your ads when a user enters similar search terms or web content which is relevant (or related) to the keywords.

Google (and other search engines) provide tools that can help you choose the right keywords  to use for your ads.  Google also has new tools such as the Google Keyword Tool Box that can help you select the right keywords.

Google also has extensive documentation to help describe how keywords work.

However, in August 2013, the Google Keywords Tool was officially replaced by a new tool called Keyword Planner.  This tool has some improvements over the old tool but on the other hand does not have as much detailed analysis of keywords that was available in the original tool.

Understanding and using keywords is a complex process.  To choose the right keywords you not only must know how and what your customers or users might use to search then Internet, but you also must know how the various search engines work (i.e. search algorithms).  SEO experts (such as the SEO experts from Rapidpage), take time to understand your business and your customers and how you want your customers and users to find you.  They will then look at your website and determine the best keywords that will be used to ensure that the search engines, using their search algorithms, can find your website based on the a broad (or limited) set of keywords used by your customers or users.

There is an interesting article by students at the University of Pittsburgh, USA on research they have conducted on Keywords (see “What is a keyword?“).  From the research conducted it can be seen that keywords are context sensitive, historically and culturally sensitive, can have different meanings and various social interpretations.

As a website owner, when working with your web developer and/or SEO expert, you will have to help them understand the context and broader meanings of keywords so that a correct set can be selected or the keywords can be placed into context by, for example, taking a single keyword and turning it into a phrase.

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