Oct 142015

Google Business Listing

SEO/SEM Misconceptions:

There might be confusion that web developers somehow control how or when Google will list their website. Also, there is a perception that SEO companies are ripping off consumers when they are approached by them for website Search Engine Optimization. Now it might be true that there are robocalls stating that they are calling from Google and there are many offshore companies spamming to get businesses to spend their money with dubious claims of search engine results. Regardless of these issues, there is a real requirement for business, regardless of size, to get their websites ranking higher on Google search engine results.

Google Search Engine Facts:

  • Google jealously guards its search engine algorithms, even from its employees.
  • Google constantly tweaks its search engine algorithms to ward off black hat SEO techniques.
  • Google has partnerships, however, these partners do not get preferred ranking or treatment by Google search engines.
  • Google will never personally optimize any website, it is solely up to the website owner to do their own SEO.
  • Google is for profit so they ultimately it wants its users to pay them for the privilege of being on their search engine.
  • Google publicizes hundreds of tips, techniques and how to's for SEO.

An easy way to start getting better Google search engine results:

Get Your Website Placed On Google Business


  1. Register your site with Google webmaster tools
  2. Register your site/email with Google+
  3. Claim your business listing on Google
  4. Wait for your Google Places confirmation via mail
  5. Enter your secret code into your new Google business account in your Google + account
  6. Now wait for Google to index your site.
  7. The enter process will take from 6 to 9 weeks and for your site to start to appear on Google.

Next Steps

Full Disclosure:

  • I am not an agent of Google

Getting Help:

It is really a good idea to get a Web Marketing firm to help you on this and we will be discussing "what does a web marketer do" in a subsequent article.  If you need help getting your website listed on Google, please give me (Nicholas Hughes) a call at 866-496-3073. 

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