Aug 272015

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LinkedIn is another social media service and, for your business, it is an excellent tool for social media marketing because LinkedIn allows businesses and professionals to connect with one another.  This contrasts with Facebook that had its roots originally in allowing individuals to stay in touch.  LinkedIn’s goal, on the other hand, was focused on connecting professionals and businesses.  Click here to see some of the history of LinkedIn.

With this in mind, the first thing that should be done is to make sure that you (or a nominated person) adds their profile to LinkedIn.  This person (or even a service provider such as Rapidpage) can then make sure that your business is represented on LinkedIn (so it can be found in the LinkedIn Company Directory for example) by creating your Company Profile.

With the LinkedIn company profile (click here to see Hewlett Packard’s profile as an example) you can promote your business, allow past and present staff (who have LinkedIn profiles) to connect to your company, post jobs, promote products and services, create groups, etc.

The last step in the process is to add LinkedIn to your list of social media links that are on your web site.  Usually at the top of your home page or the footer of your website, you would have icons with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that visitors to your site can click on these buttons to get connected to one or more of your social media services.

Rapidpage have extensive experience in making sure that your website is social-media-savvy and can also assist you with preparing your LinkedIn company profile page if you need this assistance and/or advice.

By RapidPage